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The Croods Full Movie Online With Greek Audio !NEW!

Lamb takes on every movie genre under one roof that follows an Icelandic couple in their rural home who are blessed with the miracle of life. There has never been a movie about parenting, loss, grief, and happiness, quite like this movie. Vladimar Johannsson has knocked it out of the park. Unfortunately, the only place to purchase this 4K Disc is from A24's shop, which can be quite expensive. Its 2160p UHD with HDR looks great and the DTS-HD 5.1 audio mix sounds wonderful, but the extras are short, brief, and don't offer any insight into the film. FOR FANS ONLY, despite being one of the best films.

The Croods Full Movie Online With Greek Audio

This release comes with a phenomenal lossless DTS-HD MA 5.1 audio mix that is as haunting as it is dynamic. There isn't a ton of big explosions or gunshots really in this movie like one would hear from an MCU action film, but the subtle noises are robust and loud on all accounts. Sound effects of farm life, animals rummaging around, and making their respective noises all sound exquisite. Their footsteps on dirt, grass, and wood are fantastic and nuanced with great directionality.

The normal house sounds like running water, and door creaks are all wonderful as well. Bigger noises such as the otherworldly sounds are big, natural, and full of a low end of bass with a nice rumble. The score always keeps the haunted vibe flowing and the dialogue is easy to follow and free of any audio problems.

Lamb is one of the best films of recent memory that tackles almost every genre inside one movie. It's sweetly melancholic, hauntingly disturbed, oddly funny, and dramatically sad that's set in the world of parenting and grief. There's nothing else like it. With excellent performances and beautiful camerawork, Lamb is on another level of filmmaking. The 4K image and the DTS 5.1 audio mix are both top-notch, but the bonus features are less than desired. With a hefty price tag that can only be purchased from the A24 shop at the moment, this film is ultimately FOR FANS ONLY, in hopes that another studio will release a more budget-friendly release with better extras.


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